As we identify our long-term needs and prepare for further growth in the future, Advanced Space continues to add more new members to our team to help us reach those goals. These professionals will help us develop and improve leadership and administrative capabilities needed to meet the demands of our expanding programs and projects.

Meredith Beveridge, Director of Programs and Software Lead, started with Advanced Space in April. Her key duties include overseeing project execution, making sure that all project leads are set up for successful delivery to happy customers; that each project has the staff and resources they need; and that project leads are efficiently managing schedule, budget, and risk. With a background in highly reliable flight software, Meredith also leads our software development efforts, defining our processes for delivering and maintaining quality software, hiring new teammates as needed, and guiding software architecture. Lastly, she also serves as the Project Lead for the Oracle program. Prior to joining our team, Meredith served a similar multi-tasked role at ASI (Advanced Solutions, Inc.) by Rocket Lab. Meredith’s abilities in management and engineering will go far in helping Advanced Space accomplish our numerous programs and meet the needs of our customers. She boldly states that, “My superpower is applying order to chaos!”

Celeste Satter, Principal Mission Systems Engineer, has been with Advanced Space since April as well. Her role with us has her performing technology assessment and development for precision and deployable spacecraft structures, RF antennas, and optical systems, as well as demonstrating her discipline-specific expertise in cost estimation, risk assessment, finite element analysis, structural dynamics, thermal analysis, and composite materials. With a background developing advanced space systems for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, lithium-ion batteries, instruments and subsystems for civilian space programs, and battery power systems for aviation and space systems, Celeste’s experiences help her identify the right hardware for the right applications at the right cost to meet our mission needs.

Bart Leahy, Senior Technical Writer, joined Advanced Space in May. He will be supporting multiple aspects of our operations, including website content, marketing, proposals, and technical deliverables. He has been a “behind the scenes” writer for numerous space projects, including the Ares Launch Vehicles (and Ares I-X Flight Test), Constellation Program, SERVIR Program, Space Launch System (SLS), and New Glenn. Bart’s career in the space industry has included time as a volunteer and conference chairman for citizen advocacy organizations; conference paper, proposal, and outreach writer for NASA, Advanced Space, Blue Origin, and X-Bow; and reporter for and Spaceflight Insider. He has also written and edited training content for Nissan and interviews for the Science Cheerleaders. His diverse background will enable him to jump into any type of writing project as needed.

We welcome these new teammates as they contribute to the sustainability and continued growth of the company and we look forward to their contributions going forward.

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