Advanced Space is grateful to our CAPSTONE mission partners, including Terran Orbital and Stellar Exploration.

Terran Orbital designed and built the CAPSTONE spacecraft. The Terran Orbital team produced CAPSTONE’s hardware, assembled and tested the spacecraft, and integrated the satellite for launch. Terran Orbital will also run mission operations throughout CAPSTONE’s journey.

The Terran Orbital CAPSTONE team. Names from left to right are as follows:
Standing – Claire Carlton, Austin Williams, Adam Thurn, Everett Maness
Kneeling – Eric Kim, Dylan Schmidt, Rebecca Rogers, Hannah Umansky, Dustin Holta




Stellar Exploration is the backbone behind the CAPSTONE propulsion subsystem. This powerful system is tremendous for the size of the CAPSTONE spacecraft. Pictured here is the propulsion unit after hot fire testing. Small tank but a big energy team thank you Stellar Exploration.

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